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• 9/12/2018

I found a complete live video k-on

Cagayake Girls! - HTT (Houkago Tea Time) (K-ON! Live)
Cagayake Girls! - HTT (Houkago Tea Time) (K-ON! Live) YouTube
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• 8/16/2018

Where does Tsumugi live?

I'd like to see her house. Have you got some info about it?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/5/2017


I have a question. Does any of the charachters have pets? If so who?
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• 9/5/2017

Im new

So im new to this wiki and i was wondering if it is really alive. I have been part of the mcpe commuity for a while and that is how i found out about this. Is there much activity here?
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• 4/7/2017

I'm going to miss you, K-On.

I love this series to death. The ending made me cry a lot, and I'm going to miss it.
Heck, it's 2017; why am I talking about this? I'm not sure. I, like 90% of the fans, want a Season 3 obviously, but that's not going to happen. I've been lifelessly researching and looking at everything possible involving K-On! and I felt like posting this. So, if anyone reads this; Hello.
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• 12/26/2016


Happy Birthday Nodoka Manabe
26 December 1991 - 26 December 2016 (25 years old)
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• 12/16/2015

Looking for a episode

what the ep when yui is on the floor and want ice cream?
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• 2/5/2015

{ This is closed } [ No one wins! ]

These are the characters of K-On

Yui Hirasawa                                                                                                        
Tsumugi Kotobuki
Ritsu Tainaka
Azusa Nakano
Mio Akiyama
Ui Hirasawa
Jun Suzuki
Sumire Saitō
Who is she that you like???
You have to vote only one of the above character. Started on 5-02-2015. It is started.
Vote now!!!
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• 9/22/2014

Vector Trace Images

Some character profile images were overwritten by the vector image. Does K-ON! Wiki permit use of the vector image? Once, K-ON! Wiki supposed that a vector image is the fan art.
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