"After School!"
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Season 2
Episode 23
Japanese air date September 7, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #23


The seniors of the Light Music Club take one last stroll through the school to tie up loose ends before graduating.


For the seniors, classes are over, and their graduation ceremony is tomorrow. While at home ironing her uniform, Yui gets a text from Ritsu to visit the music room and hang out with Mio and Tsumugi. They start their day with tea since they didn't have any plans to start with. With other classes still in session, playing music isn't an option either until after school. All they can do is sit around, chat, and play silly little games.

Yui digs out her old notes passed in class.

They go down to their classroom, 3-2, since Ritsu forgot to take home her stuff from her desk. Under Yui's desk are all the notes, scribbles, and doodles she's accumulated over the year. They then bump into Nodoka, who came into school to organize the student council room and to get her graduation speech checked by Sawako Yamanaka and the assistant principal. The girls follow Nodoka to the student council room to poke around. Yui finds pictures of Nodoka in the student council photo album, making her blush just a little.

Ritsu and Yui beg for food.

They leave Nodoka to her work, running into Azusa and Jun during lunch. Since they're not meant to be at school today, they ask Azusa to buy them lunch. They return to the music room with their haul, the centerpiece of which is the 'legendary golden chocolate bread', which all of the girls, bar Azusa, had never tried before.

Everyone has lunch together.

After lunch, they start to think of things they'd like to do before they finally graduate. Firstly, Mio feeds Ton-chan since someone else would always do so before she got to the club room. Next, they inspect their club funds, all 5 yen of it, and tie a little ribbon on the coin. With nothing else to do, they go for another round of tea.

Tsumugi thinks of something she would like to do. Long ago, when the club visited a hardware store, Tsumugi bought plenty of cleaning supplies that she never got the chance to use. Mio then proposes the idea to clean the entire club room. They get straight to work, airing out the room, moving furniture, mopping down the floor, and wiping down all of the surfaces. They finish just as the school day ends.

This is it - their last after school tea time. Yui starts fretting that they have to do something special for their last tea together in the club room. She wants to leave something behind, like how Nodoka left behind her picture in the student council album. Being a band, the most appropriate thing to leave are their songs. With a tape deck recorder, they decide to record all of their songs as an album.

The band finishes recording their cassette.

Despite their enthusiasm, no one really planned it out, so they sit down for tea and to work out the song order. As a little extra, Tsumugi decides to record their conversation and banter as well, to preserve the memory of the club. After finishing Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss, Sawako comes to visit and sit in on their recording session. By dusk, they finish recording their album, and stick around to listen to it once through.


  • The album Ho-kago Tea Time II comes with a cassette version to mirror the recordings that happen in this episode. It includes an introduction track with the conversation before they record songs, as well as banter between tracks, like Sawako introducing herself. Whereas this episode only features two tracks as insert songs, the album is comprised of all of their songs to date.


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