"Animal Series"
Uraon! ~Doubutsu Shirīzu~
Season 1
Episode Special
Japanese air date December 16, 2009

Inner Music! ~Animal Series~ (うらおん!〜どうぶつシリーズ〜), also known as Animal Series (どうぶつシリーズ), is an Ura-On! episode published within the sixth K-ON! Anime Volume.


Yui Hirasawa and Ritsu Tainaka come up with several ideas about the animal counterparts for each club member.


Number 1: Yui is a…

(その1 ゆいは・・・ Sono 1: Yui wa…)
Yui as a dog

Yui actually behaves like a dog

Yui Hirasawa treats Azusa Nakano like a cat as usual. She then ponders over what animal she would be herself if Azusa would be a cat. Ritsu Tainaka imagines her as a dog, much to Yui's anger. When Ritsu steals her sweets, she bites her hand, convincing Azusa that she indeed seems like a dog.

Number 2: Mio-chan is a…

(その2 みおちゃんは・・・ Sono 2: Mio-chan wa…)
Mio as a porcupine

Mio as a porcupine

Yui Hirasawa ponders over what animal Mio Akiyama would be. Ritsu Tainaka suggests she would be a porcupine or a turtle, both based on different character traits of her. Finally, she imagines her as a rhinoceros, making a pun out of the japanese word for rhinoceros ("sai") and the english word "shy".

Number 3: Mugi-chan is a…

(その3 ムギちゃんは・・ Sono 3: Mugi-chan wa…)
Mugi as radish

Mugi is...takuan?

Yui Hirasawa ponders over what animal Tsumugi Kotobuki would be and imagines her as takuan (a sort of radish). Ritsu Tainaka scolds her because takuan is not an animal.

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