First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Voice Provider
Japanese Eri Sendai
English Heather Pennington
German Tanja Schmitz
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Aya ((あや)) is the bassist and one of the vocalists of the band Love Crysis. She made her first appearance in the episode Live House!.

Aya and her bandmembers Maki and Shiho invite the band of Maki's friend Ritsu Tainaka, Ho-kago Tea Time, to play at a live house as the first live performance outside of the band's school.


Although Aya might appear "scary" at first sight, she is actually a kind person, complimenting Yui Hirasawa's performance during the band's concert at their school despite Yui's embarrassing blunder at first. Yui, being complimented for the first time by a stranger got a blissful feeling thanks to Aya which greatly confused her. Later, after HTT's embarrassing accident during the rehearsal, Aya told them to ignore it and just try it again until they get it right.

Aya is a big fan of Mio Akiyama, as she also plays bass with much skill. She also shows a great amount of love towards her own band and its members as she expressed her wish to play music with them forever.


Aya has shoulder-length brown, fluffy hair and brown eyes. She usually wears her band's trademark, an orange pullover with an image of a splitted apple on it. She also wears a dull-green skirt, grey tights and red shoes. In London, she is seen wearing a dark-green jacket, a light blue scarf and green shoes.[1]



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