Ayame Yoshida
Ayame yoshida new mugshot
First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 1[1]
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Also Known As Ayame-chan
Age 18-19
Musical Profile
Role Drummer
Instrument Drums
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Yellow

Ayame Yoshida (吉田(よしだ) (あやめ)) Ayame is another one of Akira's friends, who has short blonde hair. She is the drummer in Akira's band Onna Gumi. She first appears in the manga Chapter 1 of College.


Ayame, by height, is the shortest member of their band. She bears short, blonde hair that slightly reaches down to her shoulders. Her eyes are of matching yellow color.


Ayame is, in a way, similar to Ritsu. They both play the drums, are very outgoing and are in the same department, making them very close.

She is sociable or friendly, seen in the chapter of her first appearance that upon learning that the Afterschool Tea-Time is also joining the university's light music club, tells them that they should all be friends.[2]

She is always the person looking for fun and interesting things. If there is an opportunity involving such things, she would support it. Akira, being fun, is one reason why she is now in their band. However, she also enjoys being with the company of her colleagues, and even said that if the time comes when they change, she would still be there, living up the music they play together. She herself doesn't plan to become a professional, same goes with Sachi, but they do obtain pleasure seeing Akira with her dream.[3] She shares her enjoyment with Sachi, who also is interested in amusing circumstances happening around them.

Ayame, unlike Akira, cares about other people's emotions. She regulates Akira's actions and try to stop her whenever she goes too far. She does this mostly by kicking Akira at the back. At one time, she allows Mugi to hit Akira who said that the other members of Mugi's band are only after her luxury.[4]

Sometimes she can be manipulated to do things. As an example, she allows Yui and the others to view the high school yearbook contains pictures of the members of Onna Gumi's past in exchange for the questions of the previous year's midterm questions offered by Ritsu.[5]


  • "If these guys can manipulate Akira this well, they're bound to be entertaining!!"
  • "I guess you're more about stomach appeal than sex appeal..."
  • "Let's take a look... I never knew! Larger breasts means greater weight!! She was hiding melons under that grandma shirt! Those sure were big. About Sachi's size, I'd guess."
  • "So this is how stacked girls talk... Fine, fine, I'll just be over here with my measly A-cup!! I don't get why you're so neurotic when you already have nice bodies!!!"
  • "I feel like I've been pounded flat in more ways than one, though..."
  • "Man, I could teach her sooo many naughty things..."


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