Azu-nyan 2
Azu-nyan 2 sleeping
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 13: Winter Days!
Other Appearances
Gender Female
Fur Black
Eyes Yellow

Azu-nyan 2 (あずにゃん2号(あずにゃんにご)) is a cat that belongs to Jun Suzuki seen in Winter Days!. Her real name is not known, however, Azusa Nakano gave her the current nickname as an allusion to her own nickname (Azu-nyan).

The cat is still very young, so Jun usually asks her grandmother to take care of it when her family goes on vacation. One day, the grandmother caught a cold and was unable to care for the cat, so Jun had to ask Azusa to do so. At first, Azusa was unwilling to and even after she agreed, she was still nervous around the cat. After the cat lay down on Azusa's legs, the two started to bond, leading Azusa to name her Azu-nyan 2. While Azusa was sleeping, the cat started throwing up, much to the shock of Azusa, who asks Yui Hirasawa and her sister to come over for help. The situation ended up fine, and Azusa learned that cats usually throw up hairballs. Azu-nyan 2 then fell asleep.


Azu-nyan 2 is a small cat with short black fur on the upper half of her body and white on the lower half. Her eyes are yellow. The breed is not known.


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