Chika Nojima
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 1: Seniors!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese MAKO
Class 3-2
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown
Blood Type B

Chika Nojima (野島(のじま) ちか) is one of the students from Class 3-2 during the second season of the anime.

Character Edit

Chika is a cheerful girl who laughs a lot and is light on her feet. She's also a good friend of Mifuyu Matsumoto. She hates studying, though she is quick on the uptake.


Chika is a girl with a petite stature. She has light brown eyes and brown hair which is tied into two short pigtails. As a Sakuragaoka High School student, she is usually seen wearing the school's uniform. Unlike her classmates, she wears her blazer only if needed and is mostly seen wrapping it around her waist. In the summer, she does not wear the uniform's beige waistcoat and instead only wears her white blouse. She also wears white loose socks.

Gallery Edit

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