"Childhood Dreams"
Childhood Dreams
Kodomo no Koro no Yume
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date October 1, 2010

Childhood Dreams (うらおん!子どものコロのゆめ Kodomo no Koro no Yume), is an Ura-On!! special 3 minutes and 21 seconds long.


The girls look over the dreams they had when they were younger.



K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 4 - Childhood Dreams

K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 4 - Childhood Dreams

Number 1: Yui's Dream

Azusa wondered what Yui's dreams were back when she was still young. Unable to remember, Nodoka appeared to have their elementary yearbook where their dreams were written, and there Yui wrote 'woodcutter'. The reason Yui picked this dream is a that she has heard about the story of a woodcutter who accidently drops his axe in a pond. A fairy come and wanted to know which axe was his, the gold or the silver one, and he pick the silver one (honest) and as the prize of his honesty, the fairy give him both the axes. Yui wanted to be one so that one day, she could go to a pond, drop a piece of cake and hope for a bigger cake later.

Number 2: NodokaRitsuMioTsuMugi

Nodoka dreams of being a public servant. Azusa wondered what Ritsu's dream back when she is still young, Mio took their elementary yearbook where all the dreams are written. Ritsu wrote that she would want to be a riceball seller (onigiri). Mio dream is to be a novelist, while Mugi's dream is to conquer the world.

Number 3: Sawako's Dream

Ms. Sawako's dream back in the elementary years is that to marry a handsome rockstar by the age of 25. Once they are married, they are going to build a company where they become the president of the company. Once they had a kid, she will raise him or her to be an idol.


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