Chiyo Hirose
Chiyo hirose in colour new
First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 2
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Also Known As Hirose-senpai
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Instrument Bass
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Chiyo Hirose (廣瀬 (ひろせ) 千代(ちよ)) is a member of the Light Music Club of the J. Women's University and a former band member along with Kana Yoshii.


She has dark, messy hair, similar to Akira's. She appears to have a calm look most of the time, which results to a thin distinction between her emotions, seen by others.


Chiyo is a calm, nice person who is a great friend of Kana. She is fairly concerned about Kana's obsession with school uniforms, which she thinks is becoming riduculous at their current age. She did reveal that it was their former band's outfit when the band was still active, but since they're older now, they've retired. However, she joins Kana when it is late, long after everybody leaves, to dress up in their uniforms, secretly. This is to cheer up Kana who just can't forget about it. She also bears a shy characteristic, though it cannot be easily seen. An example is when Ritsu says that she admires her bass playing. Her initial reaction was silence, which to Ritsu's point of view is that she got mad. Later, she reveals that she was just shy.[1]


  • Chiyo's bass is only seen once, but it's mostly out of frame. It's a Fender Precision Bass or Jazz Bass, has a maple neck, and is a colour that is not black or white.


  • "She probably was talking about us. But I never cared about popularity, and it seems like Kana wasn't aware of the rumors. I'm just happy playing music with Kana. I've been waiting for her to get over the uniform obsession and just start playing guitar again, though... it sounds like the day she gives up the uniform is a ways off."
  • "I just felt a bit shy..."



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