Chizuru Shima
Chizuru Shima
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 1: Seniors!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese Taeko Kitamura
Class 3-2
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown

Chizuru Shima ((しま) ちずる Shima Chizuru) is one of the students from Class 3-2 during the second season of the anime.

Character Edit

Chizuru wants to study arts after graduating from high school to become a photographer when she grows up.[1] She is rather shrewd, doing things at her own pace. She is very good in reading moods and can fit in well with other people. She also loves manga. Chizuru can't handle stressful situations very well, seen when she was brought at the verge of tears due to a missing requisite for the class act, which could hinder the impression of the whole performance.[2]


Chizuru has dark brown hair which is pulled back with a black hairband. Her eyes are light brown. Over them, she wears round, rimless spectacles. As a Sakuragaoka High School student, she is usually seen wearing the school's uniform with her blazer being unbuttoned. She also wears black socks.

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