College, Chapter 10
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 10 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


At a club meeting, Azusa is letting Sumire and Nao listen to a recording of Fuwa Fuwa Time. Sumire assumes that the vocals were done by Ui, and Jun was on the bass, but what they were listening to was an old recording, and Ui and Jun admit that it's also their first year in the club. Azusa's just a bit worried about the new band. Whereas everyone in Ho-kago Tea Time already had musical experience, except for Yui, who learned very quickly, the new Light Music Club now has two new complete novices.

When Nao learns that Yui is Ui's older sister, the conversation trails off into siblings. Sumire accidentally lets slip that the person she sees as an elder sister is called 'Kotobu-', before covering up the whole thing. On the other hand, Nao is the eldest of five. Jun really fits the mould of an only child, leaving right after finishing her sweets, for some reason. As they leave school, Azusa spots her chance to act like a true senpai. Since Sumire has learned to play the 4-beat and 8-beat, Azusa wants to pat on her on the head, like Mio would have done, back in the day. She's too short to, and Sumire ends up patting her on the head instead.

Azusa, Ui, Sumire, and Nao spot Jun while walking home from school. Though it's not quite the Jun they're used to seeing - she has her hair down, and they catch her meeting with some guy, possibly her boyfriend. However, Ui is right in her suspicion that it's just Jun's brother, Atsushi. As a bassist, Jun still has a long way to go, so she looks up to her brother to mentor her. She also explains that she can only wear her hair down in front of family, since it's embarrassingly frizzy.

The next day, Sawako notices that the band still has neither a name nor a vocalist. Jun nominates Azusa, even if her vocals are terrible, solely to get her embarrassed like she was the previous day. Since everyone but Azusa is new to the club, Sawako decides to take on another important event in the club's history, by naming them Wakaba Girls.

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