College, Chapter 11
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 11 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Akira, who shares some of the same classes as Yui does, seems to have accepted her role of waking up Yui on days they have class. However, on this morning, instead of having to deal with Yui rolling around, unable to wake up, she's met with a door slam straight to the face. Somehow, Yui's actually woken up on time for once. Even stranger, she's eating breakfast with her friends, when normally, she either comes right at the end, or skips breakfast altogether. The nail on the coffin: Yui finishes her breakfast early, and tells her friends that they should be the ones to hurry up.

In the club room, Akira has no idea what is up with Yui today. Yui must be even crazier than she normally is. Ritsu tries to coax her with snacks, but Yui scolds Ritsu for snacking between meals. Ayame has a go too, trying to lure Yui with a game, except Yui is really keen to start practice. Yui gets everyone up, plugs in her guitar, and suddenly she's a rock goddess. Ritsu, after all, doesn't seem to mind Yui's new attitude. That is until Yui scolds her for rushing her drums at the hook on the song they were playing.

Ritsu discovers that Yui has a fever. Even though she claims to be fine, Yui faints. When she comes to, she doesn't seem to recall anything since last night, meaning that her change in personality was completely unconscious. Yui admits that something's been bothering her - she wants to know why she and her friends even play music in first place. Ritsu's answer is that it'll keep her dementia in check when she's older. Yoshii, who overheard the conversation chimes in to say that in times like this they can find the answer through confrontation. She asks both Ho-kago Tea Time and Onna Gumi if they want to compete in the festival and they agree to the competition. The next day, Yui's back to her regular, lazy self, as if nothing ever changed.

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