College, Chapter 12
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 12 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Azusa, Ui, and Jun are on a field trip to Kyoto, and even though there's so much to see and do, all Jun can think about is taking a bath at the inn's hot spring. After a day of sightseeing, they arrive at the inn. Jun doesn't even bother changing out of her uniform - she just jumps straight into bed, but the others drag her out of bed anyway. Jun's still irked that she's the only one out of the three with frizzy hair, but she says that she can tell what the weather will be like by how much her hair puffs up in the mornings.

Meanwhile, back at the school, it's just Sawako, Sumire, and Nao at the club room. Business as usual at the Light Music Club, with tea before any real practice takes place. Sumire's still having trouble getting her feet to move separate to her hands, and Nao isn't sure what she should be doing during the actual concerts. She passes on Sawako's idea for her to become a backup dancer.

That night, Azusa's thinking she should text her juniors, except the moment she gets the thought, they jump the gun and text her instead. Trying to keep quiet to read the texts to herself, Azusa tucks herself under her blanket, but both Jun and Ui burst out from under theirs, clamouring over Azusa's texts, since neither of them received any.

In the morning, Ui is in a total panic. It's 7 o'clock and she thinks she's overslept, and needs to get the rice cooker going as soon as possible. Azusa reminds her they're on a field trip. At breakfast, Ui's shocked that food is served even though she didn't do anything in particular.

After the weekend, the seniors are back from their trip. However, Sumire feels a little dejected that they're back, because she really wanted to get to be better friends with Nao while they were gone. Realising it's never too late, Sumire suddenly asks Nao if they can drop the formalities and call each other by first name. It's a little hard for both, but they do manage eventually. Back at the club room, it looks like the seniors were missed over their trip, especially by Sawako, who really missed Ui's sweets. The seniors then hand out their souvenirs.

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