College, Chapter 13
Volume K-ON! College
Previous Chapter College, Chapter 12

College, Chapter 13 is the final chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Sachi and Mio run into Ritsu and Ayame at the cafeteria during lunch. Ayame's trying to start conversation about summer clothes, since she brought along a fashion magazine, but Ritsu's more interested in just eating. All Ritsu really needs for the summer is a simple t-shirt or polo shirt. Whereas Mio always seems to wear looser clothes - perhaps to hide the fact she's put on a bit of weight. Ayame tries to organise a trip to go shopping, but neither Mio nor Sachi are keen on going either.

That night, Ayame calls for Mio to join her, Sachi, and Ritsu to just chat about the kinds of things they were chatting about at lunch. The girls all divulge some of their insecurities when it comes to buying clothes, like being too tall, too short, or their differences in some other measurements. Ayame accidentally sets off Mio about the weight she's carrying.

To make up for it, she takes out Mio shopping the next day. After their shopping trip, Mio vows to lose enough weight to be able to wear all the clothes she tried on. Ayame also wants to go on a diet, though Mio reminds her that any diet she goes on probably won't make her any shorter. At their next practice, Mio rounds up all her band mates for an extreme practice session. Sensing what Mio's intentions are, Yui tries to sneak off.

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