College, Chapter 3
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 3 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Today, Mio, Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi are going to check out the university's Light Music Club. In the club room, they meet a couple of the seniors. Yoshii, the club's president, and her friend Chiyo. Akira and Ayame are already chilling out in the room.

The club is hosting a welcoming party in a week, and the girls are eager to join. Yui signs them up as 'Ho-kago Tea Time', a name that everyone thinks is cute and fitting, except for Ritsu who feels like they've outgrown the name by now. Still, even though Ritsu resents Sawako for choosing the name, she's very proud of it, and won't let their new friends make fun of it.

A week later, the club's bands are playing at the welcome party. The first band, Onna Gumi, is fronted by Akira on guitars and vocals, Sachi on bass, and Ayame on drums. Yui is particularly drawn to Akira's black Gibson Les Paul, which is the same model as her own Gitah, though Akira named her guitar Rosalie.

Not wanting to be beaten by Onna Gumi, Ho-kago Tea Time change into their school uniforms, and put on a stellar show. Though Sachi and Ayame openly say they enjoyed the show, Rosalie can't quite bring herself to the same level of enthusiasm, since she's embarrassed to admit she actually liked it. Later that night, Mio actually catches Akira singing Fuwa Fuwa Time through the walls of the dorm.

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