College, Chapter 6
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College, Chapter 5 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Now in charge of the newly reformed Light Music Club, Azusa is raring to get started. When she gets to the club, she's met by Sawako drinking tea, and Sumire in a maid outfit. Nothing ever changes in the Light Music Club. Except this time, Sawako didn't force her to wear the outfit, rather, Sumire found one in the storage and thought it was just something the juniors of the club had to do. Ui and Jun note that the maid outfit really suits her, as if she were an actual maid. Not wishing to give up the fact that she really is one, she pretends to trip over as if she wasn't used to wearing the outfit.

When Nao shows up, Azusa sits everyone down for a meeting to decide who will play which instruments. Neither Nao nor Sumire have musical experience, though no one's surprised that Nao is a beginner. Ui has played a little bit of guitar in the past with Yui, and is leaning a bit towards that. Jun insists on playing guitar even though she's already a bassist. She gives up the idea the moment she actually tries to play on Azusa's guitar.

The girls head out to have a look around the music store. Sumire gets embarrassed because the clerk, familiar with the Kotobuki family, recognises her. Though at first, Nao seems to want to try the guitar, Jun hastily leads her to the drum kit, a far less delicate instrument. The most she can do is a cool toss of the drumstick into the air. Nao passes the sticks to Sumire who turns out to be a complete natural at the drums. The only thing stopping them from buying the kit is its price tag. Sawako tells them to cobble together the last of the club's funds.

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