College, Chapter 7
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 7 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


With the University Light Music Club's membership fee at ¥20,000 per year, the girls are fretting about how to afford it, along with all the other stuff they want to buy, like a TV or new clothes. Mugi is really keen for all of them to get part time jobs, since she wants to try to live more independently from her parents and her rather fortunate upbringing.

The next day, Mugi heads to the club room by herself since all of her friends are busy. Akira instantly assumes their band must have had a fight or a break up. Mugi explains to them that the stack of magazines she has with her are listings of part time jobs that she's looking into in order to gain financial independence. Realising that Mugi's rich, Akira makes another snide remark that Mugi's friends only like her for her money. Ayame smacks her in the back of the head. Akira agrees to let Mugi hit her too, but Mugi's 'light strike' completely floors her.

After a few days without seeing her friends, Mugi just happens to run into all three of them, chilling out in their dorm. Althought it looked like they were avoiding her, Yui, Mio, and Ritsu actually snapped up part time jobs, and pooled in some money together to show Mugi their gratitude by buying her a heart shaped necklace using the money they earned. Ritsu and Yui confess that there was no way they were friends with Mugi just for her money. Her sweets on the other hand...

The next morning, Mugi wakes with a dilemma. She wants to wear the necklace, but doesn't want to get it dirty.

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