College, Chapter 8
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 8 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


With some of the rolled over and saved up club funds, the Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club buys a drum kit for Sumire. The juniors haven't shown up to the club yet, and Azusa, Ui, and Jun want to take pictures of the whole band in front of the new drums. They go to Class 1-4 to find them, but there are two students with surname 'Okuda' and no one, not even Sumire who's on cleaning duty knows her first name.

Sumire suddenly remembers that her name is Nao, but she isn't around right now. Apparently, Nao just disappears during breaks. She does show up to the classroom eventually, but she's battered, claiming to have done a 'crash course' in music theory. Apparently, a shelf of books just fell on her while she was studying. But she was telling the truth about studying music, by learning everything she could about notes, chords, and scales, and how to piece them together. Not even Sawako, the music teacher of all people, can keep up with her. After learning all of that, Azusa hands Nao her guitar to see if she can put any of her theory to practice. She cannot.

And now it's time to decide which instruments everyone else will be playing. Ui actually went and bought a guitar for herself, since she's been wanting to play guitar ever since playing on her sister's. Sumire is set on playing drums, perhaps as a method of stress relief, though the others can hardly believe Sumire the kind to get that stressed.

Unfortunately, Nao no longer feels like she should be part of the club, since she's only good at studying and not much else. Before she leaves, Sawako sits her down in front of a laptop with some music production software, and lo and behold, she's making songs with the program. Having found something she's actually capable of doing, she decides on her role as the band's producer. And so, now that all members have a role in the club, the Light Music Club is finally up and running.

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