College, Chapter 9
Volume K-ON! College
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College, Chapter 9 is a chapter of the fifth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Yui seems to be settling down well in her new university life, even with the difficult lectures, the ton of homework, and without time to sleep. Akira bursts in to remind Yui that she's nowhere near close to getting used to uni life yet, and insists that Yui do something productive, even on a off-day.

Yui's idea of productivity is to go check out Akira's room, where she finds a giant, yellow, stuffed rabbit. Perhaps Akira is more of a softy than we all thought. However, Yui's really after Akira's yearbook, which she left at her parents' house. Ritsu suddenly shows up with Ayame, who has Akira's yearbook, though Akira won't let anyone look through it. Akira says her yearbook is only for friends, and real friends would buy tickets to her gig. Unfortunately, Ritsu and Yui cannot afford to go. Yui and Ritsu decide it'd be more fun to go through the yearbook once Mio and Mugi show up as well.

The first thing they notice in the yearbook is that Akira actually had longer hair in her second year, before cutting it down to its current length. Curious to know the story behind the drastic change, Ritsu bribes Ayame with old exam papers.

Akira, Sachi, and Ayame all first met in their school's Light Music Club. A quiet and reserved girl, Akira slowly opened up to her two friends about how the joined the club because of one of her senpais. She entered their band into a contest at the school festival to try to impress him, intending to tell him how she felt, if they took first place. Though their band did end up winning, Akira overheard some of her senpai's idle banter, that perhaps that band won based on their cuteness, and not on their actual skill. Determined to prove she's all skill, Akira shows up the next day, with her new haircut, and a bold, new personality. By the end of the story, everyone feels as if they've bonded just that little bit closer.

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