"Cram Session!"
Cram Session!
Season 1
Episode 3
Japanese air date April 17, 2009
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K-ON! episode #3


Yui Hirasawa must pass the midterm exams or else she won't be allowed to stay in the Light Music Club anymore. The others help Yui study to pass her make-up exam.


Yui without a clue of music

Yui needs Mio's help in almost every way

Mio teaches Yui basic music knowledge, such as reading sheet music. On her way home, Nodoka catches up and tells her that the midterm exams are coming up soon. Yui suggests that, since she never studied for exams in the past either, she will be fine this time too.

Yui failed her test

Yui failed the test

A bit later, the students take their exams. Yui is the only one in her class to fail the test. Shortly after, she came to the club with the news that she won't be allowed to stay in it anymore if she fails the make-up test, which would lead to the club's disbandment. Worried, the others beg her to study diligently this time.

Yui begging for help

Yui begs Mio for help

The next week, Yui constantly tries to study properly but ends up playing her guitar every time. The day before the test, she finally begs Mio for help. Mio and the others decide to have a study session at Yui's house that night to prepare her for the test.

At Yui's place, the group is introduced to Yui's younger sister, Ui, and are astonished by the differences in dependability between the two sisters.

Yui learning

Mio helps Yui study

The study session starts right away, with Ritsu shortly losing interest and distracting the others by skylarking, which leads to Mio throwing her out. After some time, Nodoka stops by to say hello and the group talks about Yui and Nodoka's shared past. Despite not having much time, getting constantly distracted and Yui falling asleep once, Yui, Mio and Tsumugi finally finish the study session.

Yui scoring 100 points

Yui scores 100 points in her make-up exam

The next day, Yui takes her make-up exam and receives the results few days later, scoring the best possible mark: 100 points. Elated about the club being saved again, they ask Yui to show her new skills in playing guitar, just to learn that she forgot every chord she practiced a while ago.



  1. Small Flashing - Yui and Nodoka walk home, midterm tests
  2. Patrol Of Stroll - Yui failed
  3. Happy Languidness - Ritsu passed
  4. Ukkari-kun No Tame Ni - Yui is banned
  5. Kawaii Inbou - Yui studies
  6. Virtual Love - Yui fails at studying
  7. Patrol Of Stroll - The group's imagination of Ui
  8. Morning Dew - Ui meets the group
  9. Have Some Tea? - Group study, Ritsu bored
  10. Happy End - Nodoka meets the group
  11. The Other Side Of Evening Sun - Yui's dream
  12. Karui Joudan - Yui gets 100%
  13. Tanpopo Takkyuubin - Yui forgets all the chords

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