Death Bang Bang Chicken
Death Bang Bang Chicken group image
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Members Sayaka

Death Bang Bang Chicken (デス バンバンジー desubanbanji) is an anime-only band that appeared in the extra episode Live House!.

Even though the members Sayaka, Eri and Rui appear to be scary on first sight, they actually are very kind-hearted and willing to help newcomers like Ho-kago Tea Time whenever they can.

Musical Profile Edit

The band has some experiences in giving live concerts, but they never managed to win any contest they took part in. Nevertheless, they still aim to become professionals one day.

Line-Up Edit

  • Sayaka - Guitar
  • Eri - Drums
  • Rui - Bass

Gallery Edit

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