Season 2
Episode 3
Japanese air date April 20, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #3


Ritsu Tainaka gets tired of being the drummer and wants to be in the spotlight. To secure it, she tries out the instruments of the other band members.


The club starts to get fond of Ton.

The episode starts with Yui, Azusa, Tsumugi and Mio gathered around the club's new "member", the turtle Ton. Though skeptical at first, Mio quickly grows fond of Ton as well. Azusa reminds Yui that taking care of the turtle will be a lot of work, so she can't be too relaxed about it.

Ritsu wants to abandon the drums.

As Tsumugi reveals herself as an expert in taking care of turtles, a scream startles the four. The source of the scream is none other than Ritsu, the band's drummer, who was watching the band's old performance videos the whole time. Before they can ask about Ritsu's outburst, she exclaims that she wants to quit playing the drums.

Ritsu with Yui's guitar.

Since everybody is confused by the sudden change of mind, Ritsu shows them the videos from previous concerts of their band. In every single video, the light does not reach Ritsu since she's sitting in the back. Depressed about this, Ritsu decides to try out the instruments of the other band members. Yui and Tsumugi support the idea and Ritsu is proudly holding Yui's guitar seconds later.

"Giita" comes back to its original owner

Yui and Azusa try to teach Ritsu the chords for the song Fuwa Fuwa Time, but the position of guitarist is quickly revealed to be too complex for Ritsu to handle, so she gives Giita back to Yui.

On her way to the classroom, Ritsu comes across her teacher Sawako Yamanaka, who is drawing attention from the students with her shining presence. Astonished, Ritsu watches her walk by speechlessly, wishing she could shine the way Sawako does.

Inside their class, Yui, Mio, Tsumugi and Nodoka talk about their respective lunches during lunchtime. Ritsu, who is talking to Kimiko, is likened to a migratory bird by Nodoka and to Cozy Powell by Mio.

Sawako is shining

After school, Ritsu decides to try out Tsumugi's keyboard. After being questioned by the others if the "Shining Ricchan Series" still has to be continued, Ritsu justifies her quest with Sawako's appearance. Sitting in the background, Sawako appears to be shining more than ever before, which Ritsu attributes to her new position as a homeroom teacher. That in mind Ritsu takes on the keyboard with vigor.

Ritsu tries out the keyboard

Yui and especially Tsumugi are enthusiastic about Ritsu's performance at the keyboard, claiming that Ritsu is making Tsumugi's keyboard speak. Inspired, Mio decides to give it a shot as well and approaches the instrument. Ritsu, seemingly waiting for this, plays a terrifying sound, frightening Mio into trying to drag Ritsu away from the keyboard by her cheeks. As they're fighting, Yui asks Ritsu if she wants to try playing Mio's bass as well. Mio forbids the idea immediately with the rationale that she is the bassist and does not want to be anything else. Ritsu agrees with Mio's sentiment, saying she understands how Mio feels and that she'd never lay a finger on Mio's bass because of that. As Mio freezes out of embarrassment, Yui tells Ritsu to stop worrying and that she'll find a way to help her out.

At home after dinner, Yui's sister Ui asks Yui why Yui is playing drums on the dinner dishes, to which Yui answers that she needs to help Ritsu no matter what.

The class prepares for the class photo

The next day at school, the senior classes gather together to take their class photos. Sawako asks Keiko, Nobuyo and Ushio about the line-up, leaving another good impression on the students and boosting Sawako's ego. During the shot, Ritsu lays her hand on Yui's shoulder without anyone noticing.

Ritsu's new position

After the photo is taken, Ritsu is surprised by the new position of her drum set, set up in front of the other members. Sawako expresses discontent with the new arrangement and eventually, the drum set is back at its usual place. Yui doesn't give up and tries other methods to let Ritsu shine like bathing her in light or forcing the group to have more interaction with her while she's playing. None of the methods accomplish what Ritsu is trying to do. On their way back home, Yui and Azusa discuss the matter, but Azusa tells Yui that she needs to stick to playing the guitar with her, and not to think too much about it.

Ritsu thinking about her past

In the meantime, Sawako is seen inside her bathroom nourishing her skin with the intention to shine even more. At Ritsu's place, Ritsu starts thinking about her drumming career and how she decided to found a band together with Mio. While thinking more and more about it, the urge to play overwhelms her and she starts playing on old magazines with so much force that her brother eventually tells her to cut it out.

Sawako went too far

The next morning, Ritsu and Mio rush towards their school, running late because Ritsu overslept. Ritsu justifies her mistake by saying she was watching a DVD of The Who the previous night. Arriving at their classroom, Yui destroys Mio and Ritsu's attempt to sneak in through the back door by greeting them loudly. Caught red-handed, Ritsu tries to apologize but is too shocked to continue due to Sawako wearing large sunglasses and a surgical mask covering her whole face. After the lesson, Yui and Ritsu ask Sawako about the face coverings, to which she replies that she just wanted to look prettier as she shows them what's under the mask. Disappointed by the view, Yui and Ritsu tell Sawako that she went way too far.

The band eating rusk with honey, fitting to Mugi's new song

Back at the clubroom, Ritsu happily declares that it has to be her on the drums after all. The others are happy about the decision and Yui tells her that it has to be that way, since otherwise, Ritsu could not be the band's source of energy while they play. After Ritsu expresses her love to play the drums again, Tsumugi tells her that she finished a song because of her keyboard playing, which she shows the others. As Ritsu assigns Mio lyric writing duty, Tsumugi tells them that she already has a title for it, "Honey Sweet Tea Time". Afterwards, the band fittingly eats rusk with honey together.


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