"Entrance Exams!"
Entrace Exams!
Season 2
Episode 22
Japanese air date August 31, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #22


As the seniors prepare for their entrance exams, Azusa Nakano decides to give them a gift for Valentine's Day.


It's almost Valentine's Day, and Azusa, Jun, and Ui are talking about their plans for this year. Last year, Azusa forgot to make something for her seniors, since there was no way she could compete with the chocolates Mugi brought in - ones for the Belgian Royal Family. This year, however, Jun is going to try to bake something for her own seniors in the Jazz Club, and this nudges Azusa a little closer to doing so as well.

Meanwhile, the seniors of the Light Music Club are busy studying for their entrance exams. Yui and Ritsu are having a bit of trouble with English, mixing up the grammatical function of 'who' with the The Who, whose drummer Keith Moon is also Ritsu's favourite. But such trivialities are no match for Ritsu's secret weapon -- a pencil fashioned into a 6 sided die, which somehow selects correct answers on multiple choice with 60% accuracy. Unfortunately, the school that the girls are applying to have nine answer choices on their questions.

Even though the whole group isn't practicing, Azusa still joins her seniors, quietly practicing to herself, while secretly anxious about how she'll give them chocolates. Azusa's practice soon becomes too distracting for Yui and Ritsu, and even Mugi feels it's time for a tea break. Unfortunately, Tsumugi's a bit disheartened that she couldn't bring chocolates with Valentine's coming up. Now Azusa is sure she's going to at least try to bake something.

It's a cold, snowy morning on the day of the exam, and the seniors are up early to catch the train to the examination hall. Ritsu mocks Mio's paranoia for constantly checking that her student card is still in her bag, but in an ironic turn of events, Ritsu's card isn't in the pocket she was sure she left it in. Luckily, Mugi spots it a bit down the train platform. Yui isn't faring well, struggling to keep all her thoughts in her head, by blocking her ears, but the moment she thinks she's lost something, she spirals into a panic.

Today, Azusa is going grocery shopping to gather ingredients for a chocolate cake. She bumps into Jun, also doing her own grocery shopping. Despite acting like a confident, experienced baker, she seems to pick completely innapropriate substitutes like taking brown sugar instead of white and taking regular chocolate instead of baking chocolate. Ui spots the two of them, and Jun jumps at the chance to let Ui help them bake the cake.

They all come over to Ui's house to start baking. Yui's exams are over and she pops into the kitchen. Azusa is instantly worried her cover is blown, but Ui reassures her that since she bakes so often anyway, Yui wouldn't get suspicious in the slightest that the cake was for Valentine's. Ui and Azusa then take a walk down to the grocery store, since they're out of powdered sugar. On the way, they stop by the shrine. Ui has been donating 10 yen each time she passes, to pray for the success of her sister and her friends. She believes that once she's prayed a hundred times, it'll come true.

Back at school, Azusa is nervously waiting at the gate for her seniors to give them their chocolate cake. She doesn't exactly think it's the best time or place to give the chocolates, and she's also feeling a bit embarrassed. The seniors show up, but Azusa is swiftly intercepted and completely outdone by two Mio Akiyama Fan Club members, and she decides to try again later.

By lunchtime, Azusa still hasn't given the cake, and Ui and Jun try to encourage Azusa to just go for it, since the seniors will definitely appreciate her effort. Even Jun decides to give Mio a gift. So the three of them head down to Class 3-2, but are redirected to the staff room, where the seniors have received their first round of acceptances. However, they still won't know if they all passed for their first choice of univeristy for a couple of days. When her seniors notice her, Azusa gets nervous again, hides her present and stealthily retreats, even though Ui and Jun have given theirs and it's obvious that Azusa does have something to give.

However, even though on the first time at the school gate she was legitimately embarassed, this time, she wasn't. While eavesdropping by the staffroom, it hit home for Azusa how close her seniors are to graduating, that they're all leaving, and that she'll be by herself in the club. By the end of the day, Azusa finally works up the courage to visit the club. Mugi's already prepared tea, but today of all days, she hasn't prepared any treats. They think that maybe perhaps Azusa might have brought the sweets for this afternoon's tea, and somehow Azusa is surprised that they knew.

Of course, they all love the chocolate cake, which Azusa still denies is for Valentine's specifically. She even gets a White Day in advance from Yui. After finishing tea, they notice it's snowing quite heavily outside. They all huddle around the window to watch it fall. Azusa feels that no matter how cold it might be, when she's with her friends, she feels really warm. With a lovely group hug, the sentiment is heartily reciprocated.

On her way home, Azusa also passes the shrine near Yui's house. She doesn't exactly have time for a hundred 10 yen prayers, so she accelerates the process, by donating 1000 yen and praying that her seniors are all accepted into their first choice of university. During class, she gets the text message. They've done it - all have passed for their first choice and will get to go to the same university together.

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