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First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Japanese Yuka Nishigaki
Musical Profile
Role Drummer
Gender Female
Hair Green
Eyes Green

Eri (エリ(えり)) is the drummer of the band Death Bang Bang Chicken.


Despite looking "scary" at first sight, Eri is actually a rather kind person and shows a real love for her band's music, willing to continue to become a professional despite all the losses the band had to accept in the past.

Appearance Edit

Eri has green hair which is truncated on the left side of her head. Her eyes are green as well. Over them, she wears oval glasses. Her ears are pierced and her fingernails and lips are coloured purple. She wears a light purple shirt that is pretty tattered and has the word "KILL" on it. Underneath it, she wears a black singlet. She also wears gashed, black trousers, a red belt, a necklace and boots. Her left shoulder is decorated with a red butterfly.

Gallery Edit

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