Fūko Takahashi
Fuko Takahashi
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 1: Seniors!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese Shin Nanasawa
Class 3-2
Gender Female
Hair Greyish Black
Eyes Dark Blue
Blood Type A

Fūko Takahashi (高橋(たかはし) 風子(ふうこ)) is one of the students from Class 3-2 during the second season of the anime.

Character Edit

Fūko is quiet, but can be very stubborn and childish at times and is also unexpectedly scary when angered. She has a strong character and is a good friend of Natsuka Sakurai.


Fūko has remarkable long greyish black hair which falls straight down. She has dark blue eyes which can appear violet. Over them, she wears oval, rimless glasses. As a Sakuragaoka High School student, she is usually seen wearing the school's uniform. Her blazer is mostly unbuttoned and she usually wears the summer waistcoat under it too, tucked into her skirt. She also wears white socks.

Gallery Edit

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