"Fortune Telling for Everyone"
Fortune Telling for Everyone
Minna de Uranai
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date July 30, 2010

Fortune Telling for Everyone (うらおん!〜みんなで占い Minna de Uranai), is an Ura-On!! special 3 minutes and 51 seconds long.


Azusa becomes a fortune teller, learning everyone's dreams in order to tell them about their former lives, which happen to be of various bugs.



K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 1 - Fortune Telling For Everyone

K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 1 - Fortune Telling For Everyone

Number 1: Dream Reading

Fortune telling is getting popular back in Azusa's class, which is reading people's dream. Firstly, she asked each of the member (Yui, Mugi, Mio and Ritsu) the dream they had this morning. Yui's dream is that she was sharing taiyaki with Ui (split it into two) and turns out that she had the less bean paste. Ritsu's dream is that her drum sticks turn to chopsticks. Mio had the dream that Ritsu flicked her forehead and Mugi's dream is to attend a Math class and Yui just appears and say 'Leek bun is...' and disappeared. Ms. Sawako's dream is to get married, have two kids and have a happy life (not that kind of dream).

Number 2: Outcome of the Reading

Everyone wonders what their dreams are telling. Azusa said that dreams are the memories of your former life and so she decided to tell each about the girls' former life. To Mio, during her past time, she was a caterpillar. To Ritsu, she was a jumpy leg or a cricket in her former life. To Mugi, she was a scarab beetle in her former life (Ritsu begins to think why everyone turns out to be bugs).

Number 3: Yui's Former Life

Yui turns out to be Marie Antoinette, a baker and a carpenter. The telling was so complicated that it got Yui confused, at the end, she turns to be a bug who is being stepped on (another bug).


  • Youtube (Fortune Telling for Everyone)
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