"Graduation Ceremony!"
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Season 2
Episode 24
Japanese air date September 14, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #24


The seniors of Sakuragaoka High School graduate.


Mio,Ritsu and Tsumugi wait for Yui.

On the day of the girls' graduation, Tsumugi, Ritsu, Mio, and Yui decide to walk to school together. While the first three get to their meeting spot on time, Yui loses track of time that morning and runs as fast as she can to meet up her friends. Together, they rush to school and are the last ones to class. On their way to class, they bolt past Azusa, Jun, and Ui, who, as juniors, are to each give a flower to a senior as part of the graduation ceremony. Dumbstruck by watching her friends dash up the stairs, Azusa bumps her head into a wall.

Sawa-Chan informs Yui about her ripped pants.

When they make it to class, Sawako Yamanaka notices that Yui ripped her tights. But luckily, Ui, dependable as ever, gave Nodoka a spare in case something happened. The students of Class 3-2 have planned a thank-you card as a present for Sawako, and ask the four latecomers to hold onto it and sign it. Out on the school grounds, the juniors give their flowers to the graduating seniors.

As all of the students file into the auditorium for the ceremony, Ritsu passes the card to Yui, who's tasked with hiding it through the whole ceremony. Hiding it under her blazer, it looks as if she has a stomach ache, and Sawako starts to notice that Yui is the centre of attention in the audience. Mio tries to send a message to warn Yui, but passing through so many other people, it gets distorted along the way. The ceremony ends with Nodoka giving her speech as student council president.

Yui, Mio, Mugi and Ritsu talk about the ceremony as Yui writes the message.

After the graduation ceremony, Tsumugi, Ritsu, Mio, and Yui go back outside where Yui hurriedly writes her message, but Sawako intercepts them to ask Yui about what she was up to during the ceremony. Denying everything, the girls shuffle back to the classroom to receive their diplomas. For one last time, Sawako dismisses Class 3-2, the first group of seniors she's sent off, and the class then presents her their gift. All of the students give each other their final farewells, taking pictures with one another. After all the students leave, Sawako returns to the classroom, to a chalkboard full of congratulatory messages.

Azusa enters the club room and says that she wanted to make the tea.

The girls then head to the music room for tea. When Azusa arrives, they start to talk about the future of the club. Azusa asserts she'll be fine and keep the club alive, despite her seniors not having done anything. Realizing she had never formally thanked her seniors, she then hands each of them a thank-you letter.

The Photo.

Just as she casually congratulates them on graduating, the cold reality of her impending loneliness starts to set back in. She begs them not to go through sloppy tears. Though Azusa really wanted to send off her seniors smiling, she tears up and promises she won't get mad at them for keeping the room messy, or for always slacking off, just as long as they stay with her. The seniors all rush to comfort her, giving her their own gifts to her. They give her their first photo together as freshmen, and a flower with five petals.

Azusa Claps after their performance

But they still have one last gift for her -- a special song written just for her. All four contribute to the vocals, singing about cherishing all of their memories of school, and how graduation won't ever be the end. It's no surprise that Azusa loves it. Now joined by Sawako and Nodoka, they wrap up their afternoon, their year, and the season by doing what they do best -- no, not having tea and lazing about!-- by playing music together!


  • This episode is the only one in which we see Ritsu and Mugi sing. In the HTT universe, Mugi does the lyrics to Honey Sweet Tea Time but it is never included as an insert song in the anime. Both contribute vocals to Tsubasa wo Kudasai, as well as Ho-kago Tea Time, the final track on the studio mix of their album. Of course, though not part of the canon of the show, they both sing on their respective Character Image Songs.
  • Parts of this episode are repeated in the K-ON! Movie.


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