"Help Us! Yui-chanman / Light Music Club Rap"
おたすけ! ゆいちゃんマン / けいおんぶラップ
Otasuke! Yui-chanman / Keionbu Rappu
Season 2
Episode 9
Japanese air date March 16, 2011
Previous Once Upon a Time

Help Us! Yui-chanman / Light Music Club Rap (おたすけ! ゆいちゃんマン / けいおんぶラップ Otasuke! Yui-chanman / Keionbu Rappu), is an Ura-On!! special 3 minutes and 3 seconds long. In it, Yui takes the role of a superhero and helps the girls with other tasks. At the end, the other girls wish Azusa luck with running the High School Light Music Club.


Number 1: Sticker


Yui saves Ritsu.

Ritsu can't take off the sticker from a drink. She decides to ask Yuichan-man for help. With all of Yuichan-man's power, she is able to open the sticker from the drink case and help Ritsu.

Number 2: Sweet Bean Paste


Yui saves Mio.

Mio just bought two identical taiyaki and she doesn't know which one has the sweet bean paste and which one has the cream paste. Mio calls Yuichan-man for help. Yui arranges the taiyaki into the correct order and helps Mio differentiate between bean paste and cream paste, saving the day once more.

Number 3: Pain no More


Yui saves Tsumugi.

Tsumugi smacks her feet into the table, causing Azusa to call out for Yuichan-man out of worry. Yui used her magic spell to heal Tsumugi's feet, saving the day again.

Extra: Light Music Club Rap


The Light Music Club's rap.

The girls do a rap describing their daily life in the Light Music Club.

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