High School, Chapter 0
Volume K-ON! High School
Next Chapter High School, Chapter 1

High School, Chapter 0 is the prologue chapter of the sixth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Azusa is staring off at a cafe, before Jun snaps her out of it by poking her with a straw, making her slightly angry. Jun playfully tells Azusa that she will get sulky if she doesn't pay attention and asks her if she was thinking of her seniors who had graduated again, however, this just causes Azusa to be put in a vacant stare state.

When Jun tries to have Ui help her snap Azusa out of her state, she finds her in the same way, which then annoys her and decides to leave, but Azusa tells her not to. Jun then asks Ui why she was put in the same state as Azusa, to which she replies by saying that ever since Yui had left for College along Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi, she has found nothing to do with her spare time.

Jun then suggests that they both go see them, but Azusa tells her that it is not the case. Azusa then says that the reason she was spacing out was due to her thinking that she may not be fit to take over the Light Music Club after her seniors had graduated, but before she can say anything else, Jun tells her that she is now the president of the club and tells her that she has to do what she can to keep the club going. She then tells Ui that she can do anything else in her spare time and just decide on what to do as well.

Azusa then agrees and thanks Jun for the advise. When Jun asks both Azusa and Ui to hang out with her, the two begin to chat with each other about what they need to, unintentionally ignoring Jun, which then irritates her and decides to leave once again. Azusa stops her and apologizes.


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