High School, Chapter 12
Volume K-ON! High School
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High School, Chapter 12 is a chapter of the sixth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Like the girls back in High School, the University students also have their festival coming up and everyone's acting a little odd with the pressure mounting up - not to mention all of the financial pressures like renewing their club membership. Yui's spent her first paycheck on a new camera, and even Mugi is starting to get hard pressed for money. However, the ditziest of the lot happens to be Mio who accidentally changed into a maid outfit with cat ears for class that day.

Outside, the girls bump into Kana, who gives them a stack of flyers for the bands' competition to hand out. Akira is struggling to hand out her own flyers, but when she sees that Yui is halfway through hers, Akira gets cracking. It pays off, and on the day of the festival, they draw in a massive crowd. However, just before the show, Mio and Ritsu are a little concerned about their costumes. They both brought their school uniforms, but Mio is a little reluctant to wear hers on stage. And then Yui reveals why she had been taking pictures of everyone - she sent the photos to Sawako who made t-shirts out of them.

And so it's time for the competition. Onna is up first. No banter, no emceeing, they just launch straight into their show. In fact they're so powerful that Yui considers voting for them. Next up is Ho-kago Tea Time, where Yui takes a much more casual attitude, introducing her band, and cracking a couple of jokes. Both bands gave it their best shot, but at the end of the day, there could only be one winner, and that band was... Onna Gumi! Even though her band lost, Yui is really proud of Akira and gives her a massive hug.

Then out of nowhere, a familiar face shows up. Maeda, Akira's high school crush, works at a small record company, and after Onna Gumi's performance, he invited Akira to their office. Akira finally musters up to confess her love for him, but he cuts her down swiftly, Maeda just prefers girls with long hair. But even after getting rejected once again, Akira sets a new goal for herself - to grow out her hair. With all of that out of the way, Akira vows to finish university, and lets Yui know that their rivalry is far from over.

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