High School, Chapter 7
Volume K-ON! High School
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High School, Chapter 7 is a chapter of the sixth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Even though it's the middle of the summer break, the university entrance exams are coming up soon, so Azusa, Ui, and Jun are back at the school to take some supplementary classes. As soon as the class is over, Jun breaks into some urban legend being passed around about a mysterious dripping noise and a blood pool in the music room. Azusa's not particularly fazed, but Ui is absolutely terrified now. Azusa tries to brush Jun away so she can get help on her homework from Ui, by Jun can't help but ramble on and on about her ghost stoies.

After all that, they go grab the key to the music room off of Sawako. Sawako's a bit surprised that Ui is taking the extra lessons, but Azusa reminds her that these aren't remedial classes, rather they're exam preparation classes. However, Sawako seems pretty convinced that at least Jun would be taking the remedial classes. This doesn't bode well for Sawako at all, who's used to her old Light Music Club being the lazy workers they used to be.

The girls walk up to the music room, but on the way, they hear an eerie noise coming from it. However, rather than the dripping water in Jun's tale, it's just Sumire on the drums. Nao also turned up to the music room that day. Both Sumire and Nao have been practicing a lot, and are both becoming great in their respective roles. Over tea time, they talk about Jun's ghost story, and how there's not a speck of blood anywhere.

As the day passes, it gets really dark, so they decide to call it a day. However, Jun forgot her score in the music room. Even though she tried her hardest not to be scared of her own story all day, now that she has to go back into the school alone, she's terrified, and gets Azusa to tag along with her.

There, they uncover the mystery of the ghost story. Only Sawako is in the music room, and she's reapplying her makeup. The dripping water was just her washing her face. The blood was only smeared lipstick. Which means the ghost in the story is... Sawako without her makeup.

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