High School, Chapter 8
Volume K-ON! High School
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High School, Chapter 8 is a chapter of the sixth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


During the summer break, Yui decided to come home to visit her family. In her attempt to surprise them all, she hadn't called home, and was going to just barge in. When she does, the only person home just so happens to be Nodoka. Nodoka had bumped into Yui's mother out in the town, and was invited to have tea and cake. However, Yui's mother had to pop out after they realised they had run out of the cake, leaving Nodoka alone in the house.

Yui drags Nodoka to her bedroom. It's now a storage room. Somewhere in all of boxes, Yui finds their yearbook. Looking over it, they start talking about all of their old friends. Yui has been texting Azusa, but they haven't met yet, since Azusa is busy with her duties as club president, preparing for the school festival. Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi are all coming home on different days.

Yui tells Nodoka about what she's been up to at university, having joined the light music club there. She then shows Nodoka pictures of her new friends, Akira, Sachi, and Ayame. When asked if she's looking to go pro, Yui offers a valuable insight: she doesn't really understand what it means to 'go pro', and she doesn't think it's the kind of thing that just happens, even if you put your mind to it, so for now, she just wants to play music and see where it takes her.

Ui comes home from school, and notices a familiar voice from her sister's room. Except she was more surprised that Nodoka had come back, rather than Yui. Yui warns Ui about the troubles of univeristy life, and as always, Ui offers to help out, if at all possible.

The three girls head downstairs just as Yui's mother arrives home with cake. However, since Yui hadn't called home, her mother didn't anticipate her arrival, and only had enough cake for herself, Ui, and Nodoka. Nodoka offers half of her slice to the absolutely distraught Yui. After they have tea, Nodoka heads home. Yui's mother tells Yui that Nodoka had actually been grappling with the problem of whether or not to study abroad, but after she left everyone felt like Nodoka had made up her mind.

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