Hitomi Hoshino
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 1: Dissolution!
Other Appearances
Japanese Yui Shoji
German Anja Rybiczka
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue

Hitomi Hoshino (星野(ほしの) ひとみ) is an anime-only character that mainly appears in the episode Winter Days!. She is a worker at a fast food restaurant, where she helped Tsumugi Kotobuki as her senior.

Appearance Edit

Hitomi has long dark hair, tied into a plait. She's shown in her work uniform - red visor, green skirt and white shirt.

Character Edit

Hitomi is shown as being calm and friendly. When she was working with Tsumugi, she didn't really mind when Tsumugi made mistakes and tried to becalm her.

Gallery Edit

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