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Ho-kago Tea Time II
By Ho-kago Tea Time
Released October 27, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre J-Pop
Label Pony Canyon

Ho-kago Tea Time II (放課後ティータイム(ほうかごちいいたいむ)II) or Ho-kago Tea Time Second is an album by the band Ho-kago Tea Time, containing the songs Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai, Pure Pure Heart, Honey Sweet Tea Time, Samidare 20 Love, Gohan wa Okazu, Tokimeki Sugar, Fuyu no Hi, U&I, Tenshi ni Fureta yo!, Interlude and Ho-kago Tea Time, as well as additional "cassette" versions that mirror the recording session during Season 2, Episode 23 (After School!). The songs are sung by the voice actresses of the members of Ho-kago Tea Time. It was released on 27 October 2010 in Japan by Pony Canyon.

The album can be found digitally on Spotify and physically on stores such as Amazon and CDJapan.

Track ListingEdit

Disc 1 (Studio Mix)Edit

  1. Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai
  2. Pure Pure Heart
  3. Honey Sweet Tea Time
  4. Samidare 20 Love
  5. Gohan wa Okazu
  6. Tokimeki Sugar
  7. Fuyu no Hi
  8. U&I
  9. Tenshi ni Fureta yo!
  10. Interlude
  11. Ho-kago Tea Time

Disc 2 (Cassette Mix)Edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Cassette Mix)
  3. Curry Nochi Rice (Cassette Mix)
  4. Watashi no Koi wa Hotch Kiss (Cassette Mix)
  5. Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~ (Cassette Mix)
  6. Pure Pure Heart (Cassette Mix)
  7. Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai (Cassette Mix)
  8. Honey Sweet Tea Time (Cassette Mix)
  9. Tokimeki Sugar (Cassette Mix)
  10. Fuyu no Hi (Cassette Mix)
  11. Samidare 20 Love (Cassette Mix)
  12. Gohan wa Okazu (Cassette Mix)
  13. U&I (Cassette Mix)
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