First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2, Chapter 12
Anime Debut Season 2, Episode 10: Teacher!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese Hideyuki Kanaya
Also Known As Horigome-sensei
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black

Horigome (堀込(ほりごめ)) (surname) is a classical literature teacher at Sakuragaoka High School. He has taught there for a long time, since he was the supervisor of the Light Music Club when the members of the band Death Devil (Norimi Kawaguchi, Sawako Yamanaka, Jane and Della) still attended school. Since the band members were too wild in Horigome's eyes, they caused him many problems, forcing him to scold them over and over again.

In the movie, Horigome caught wind of Ho-kago Tea Time's illegal concert and rushed towards it, despite Sawako's efforts to delay him. After he managed to reach the classroom, it was revealed that he just wanted to see it with his own eyes, having no ill intentions at all. Horigome told Sawako that the Light Music Club had changed greatly, having become much "cuter". The class then pulled him and Sawako inside, making Horigome smile.

Appearance Edit

Horigome is an average looking middle-aged man with short black hair (according to Sawako, he wears a wig).[1]

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  1. "K-ON" Volume 4, chapter 6
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