Season 2
Episode 11
Japanese air date June 15, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #11


Ho-Kago Tea Time tries to endure summer's extreme heat while providing their turtle Ton with a new tank.


Yui can't handle the heat.

One scorching afternoon in the Light Music Club's room, the band Ho-Kago Tea Time can be heard playing the song Fuwa Fuwa Time. As the song ends, Yui collapses due to the extreme heat.

While Tsumugi tries to help cool Yui with a wet washrag, Yui wishes that summer would end already. The club's junior Azusa offers Yui some water, inspiring Yui to hug her, rubbing their cheeks together. Yui quickly regrets this decision, as it has the opposite effect of helping her cool off.

Mio's hairstyle matches Azusa's.

Afterwards, Mio moans about the weather as well, stating that her long hair makes her neck sweaty. Her childhood friend Ritsu proposes tying her hair up and helps her with it, giving Mio a hairstyle that matches Azusa's. Ritsu then tries to state that it looks terrible, but Mio stops her by choking her with her bow. Suddenly, Azusa cries out, having noticed a change in their turtle Ton's appearance. Pieces of Ton's skin are about to fall off, to which Tsumugi explains that Ton is shedding its skin. This gives Yui the idea of shedding her skin as well to fight against the heat. Ritsu insists that humans can't shed their skin, to which Yui demonstrates that they can by putting on a swimsuit.

Tsumugi and Yui "shed their skin".

Excited over her own idea, Yui tries to convince the others to do just as she did, but nobody besides Tsumugi is willing to. Clothed in their swimsuits, the two try lying on the table since it looked cold, which doesn't work at all. Azusa puts her face against Ton's tank and finds that it isn't cold as well, much to her disappointment.

Mio and Tsumugi trying to sweat even more.

Eventually, Yui and Tsumugi are back in their uniforms again. Looking for a silver lining, Azusa mentions that they'll probably lose weight from all their sweating, leading Mio and Tsumugi to put on the animal costumes and sweat off as much weight as possible. The two try to start playing their instruments but since their costumes have paws, the music sounds horrible.

Mio slaps Ritsu.

Back at the table, Ritsu starts a word association game and asks the others what they associate with "Japanese Summer". They all take turns guessing, although Yui's guesses are all summer foods. All suggestions turn out to be false and after a while, Ritsu announces the real answer, "scary stories" which earns her a slap in the face from Mio.

Mio falls down.

She nevertheless starts with the story which originated at their school. A student once visited the school at night to collect something she forgot earlier when she heard strange noises coming out of the music room. The student peeked inside and saw the music teacher Sawako Yamanaka teaching another student for an upcoming concert, turning the horror story into a joke. Nevertheless, Mio got scared so badly that she falls down backwards and moments later, another bump decorates Ritsu's head.

Yui and Ritsu trying to think of cold stuff.

Irritated, Ritsu and Yui try to cool themselves down with fans, but this strategy isn't working either. Tsumugi proposes ignoring the heat by thinking of cold things, which Ritsu and Yui try out quickly. The attempt fails, however, since both are unable to think of cold things when the heat is as bad as it is. Mio then remembers that she put an electric fan into the storage room while cleaning the room a while ago.

The fan breaks.

The fan turns out to very old. Since Ritsu sits in the back with the drums, she gets no air at all. Irritated, she moves the fan, sits down in front of it and sets it on the highest power. After a few seconds, the fan breaks and the rotor blade spins through the whole room, bouncing against the walls. Miraculously, nobody gets hurt, but the fan is completely broken and gets laid to rest with a message of gratitude from the club.

Yui with Tsumugi's ice cubes.

With this chance to fight the heat gone, Yui and Ritsu lie down in defeat on the table as Tsumugi brings out an ice chest full of ice cubes. Originally, she brought the ice to make shaved ice with, but she forgot the machine at home. Nevertheless, the group is happy just to have ice, and Yui and Ritsu quickly put their feet in a bucket of ice. It's not long before the cubes start to melt, leading Yui and Ritsu to fight about who brings more ice. The fight culminates in both spilling the bucket on the floor.

While cleaning the floor, Yui humorously proposes putting some ice cubes into Ton's tank, causing Azusa to scold her. Reading a book about the turtles, Azusa notices that they need a bigger tank if they want Ton to grow after shedding its skin. Tsumugi mentions that her house has an extra large water tank, but she doesn't have a way to get it to school. Mio remembers Sawako owning a car, so Yui and Ritsu decide to ask her about it.

Sawako suffering in the immense heat.

At the faculty office, Yui and Ritsu are shocked to see that Sawako was resisting the heat with the room's air conditioner the whole time, leading them to angrily drag her to the hot clubroom. After seeing the club's problem, Sawako shows no real enthusiasm to help until Tsumugi offers her a juice float, which suddenly infuses Sawako with her the energy she needs.

Tsumugi riding in Sawako's car.

Moments later, the group waits for Sawako to arrive in front of the school. After Sawako shows up, the group fights about who can come to Tsumugi's house until Tsumugi mentions that the tank is rather big and would take up all the room in the back. This means that only Tsumugi and Sawako can go to Tsumugi's house. As the two leave the rest of the club behind, Tsumugi is fascinated by the great view the front seat offers until she accidentally pushes a switch that causes her chair to lean forward, almost squishing her.

Ton gets its new tank.

Back at school, the group admires the great new tank. Sawako, still on cloud nine from her visit to Tsumugi's house, asks Tsumugi to allow her to come again. At the same time, the new tank gets filled with water and Azusa puts Ton inside it. Yui notices that a part of the tank is in the sun, so the group covers a section of the window so the tank can stay in the shade. After the work is finished, Sawako is about to head back to the faculty office when Ritsu, with the help of a chocolate frappe from Tsumugi, asks her for another favor, an air conditioner for the clubroom.

Yui and Ritsu trying to convince Nodoka.

Sawako is unsure how to get one, so Ritsu proposes buying one by doing part-time jobs, only to be reminded that exams are coming up by Azusa. Sawako proposes asking the student council, so Yui and Ritsu head out to do just that. At the student council room, they try to persuade Nodoka Manabe to get them an air conditioner with many "cheesy" acts before Mio tells her the real issue. Nodoka reminds them that the club presidents had to fill out a request for the air conditioners months ago, something Ritsu realized that she had forgotten, earning her another hit from Mio.

Back in the clubroom, the three tell Tsumugi and Azusa that Ritsu has to put in their air conditioning request at the club presidents meeting the next day. Worried that the request could be denied, the group decides to practice for the meeting. At first, Ritsu seems very unsure of herself and instantly gives up when Azusa and Tsumugi corner her with arguments on why the club doesn't need an air conditioner. However, with some supporting arguments from a surprisingly cogent Yui, Ritsu is eventually able to refute the claims of her foes and find the confidence she needs to face the club presidents meeting tomorrow.

The club has a brand-new air conditioner.

Ritsu's confidence actually turns out to be unnecessary since no other club president has an objection to Ritsu's request. One council member reminds Nodoka that they don't have any money left in the school's budget, but Nodoka responds that they can wait until the next year to replace the copy machine and use the money for the air conditioning. Shortly afterwards, the club is granted with a brand-new air conditioner, giving Ho-Kago Tea Time the motivation to finally practice. Just as they are about to begin, Yui collapses once again, remembering that she can't handle air conditioners very well, bringing everything back to square one.


  • The animal costumes were given back to Sawako during the room's clean-up. Despite this, Mio and Tsumugi still managed to wear them in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Yui remembers that she can't handle air conditioners well. However, she had no problems with the air conditioners inside of the faculty office or the student council room.


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