"I Want Siblings"
I Want Siblings
Kyōdai Hoshii
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date September 15, 2010

I Want Siblings (うらおん!きょうだいほしい Kyōdai Hoshii), is an Ura-On!! special 2 minutes and 40 seconds long.


Since Yui and Ritsu have siblings, the other girls wonder what kind of siblings they would have.



K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 3 - I Want Siblings

K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 3 - I Want Siblings

Number 1: Mio & Mugi

Looking at Ritsu and Yui having younger sibling had made Mio sort of jealous. Mugi thinks that if Mio had a sibling, it would be a dependable older brother and everyone thinks that it would be a perfect match. Everyone thinks that if Mugi had a sibling, it would be perfect for her to have an older sister that was classy (according to Ritsu).

Number 2: Yui

Ritsu wonders how Yui would be if she had an older brother. Yui liked the idea and thinks that she should have a twin brother, exactly like her. Mio thinks that it would be quite a troublesome for Ui to handle the two of them (since Yui and his brother would act like little kids). Yui also suggested for Ui to have a twin sister.

Number 3: AzuSawako

Yui think that it would be cute for Azusa to have a quintuplet twins. Ms. Sawako then wondered what the girls are talking about and Azusa explained everything. Ritsu thinks that if Ms. Sawako had a sibling, it would be an unruly older brother (which later Ritsu pictured as an old man and Sawako was mad, thinking that she is not 'that' old enough).