• Her bass guitar is a Yamaha SBV500 in Pearl White, which is now discontinued, the white model being even rarer than the other colors. Like Mio, Jun plays with a pick, or a coin if she forgets it.
  • Jun's bass makes extremely few appearances in both the manga and the anime. In the manga, it appears in Volume 4, Chapter 9 when Jun first pulls it out as well as when Jun thinks Yui is calling it cute, it appears mostly obscured by Jun on the cover of High School, and finally it appears in High School, Chapter 13 during Wakaba Girls school festival concert, though mostly out of frame. In the anime, it only appears in Staying Behind!.
  • "Jun" means "Excellence" or "Genius" and "Suzuki" means "Bell Tree"
  • Her surname is taken from bassist Jun Suzuki - the first name pronounced the same but with different kanji (鈴木淳, Suzuki Jun) - of The Pillows.
  • Jun claims that she bunches up her hair because it'll explode if she doesn't. Also, she claims to be able to tell what the weather will be like by how much her hair blows up in the morning. For example, she claims that it will rain because she can tell that the humidity is 90% from her hair.
  • Jun does not appear in K-ON! College, making it the only volume in which a main character does not appear after their introduction.