K-ON!! Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
K-On Original Soundtrack Vol.1
By Hajime Hyakkoku
Released July 21, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Anime OST
Label Pony Canyon

K-ON!! Original Soundtrack Vol.1 is the first "Original Soundtrack" (OST) of the second season of the anime K-ON!. The album contains 18 instrumental songs and two (Amefuri and Usagi to Kame) with vocals, sung by Yui Hirasawa's and Ui Hirasawa's respective voice actresses Aki Toyosaki and Madoka Yonezawa. The songs are used as background music during the second season of the anime. The album was released on 21 July 2010 in Japan by Pony Canyon.

With the exception of tracks 19 and 20, the whole album was composed, arranged and recorded by Hajime Hyakkoku.

Track Listing Edit

  1. One more tea?
  2. Asahi wo Abite (朝日を浴びて(あさひをあびて))
  3. Futari no Sekai (二人の世界(ふたりのせかい))
  4. Dance of pickled scallion
  5. Temptation with rain
  6. Tostada
  7. Kyouto no Asa (京都の朝(きょうとのあさ))
  8. Dragon God
  9. Hamster no Dance (ハムスターのダンス(はむすたーのだんす))
  10. Ano Hi no Kaerimichi (あの日の帰り道(あのひのかえりみち))
  11. Tamamushi Zushi to Sankaku Jougi (玉虫厨子と三角定規(たまむしのずしとさんかくじょうぎ))
  12. Digital fancy doll
  13. Gatten da! (ガッテンだ(がってんだ)!)
  14. Tea with you
  15. Reason that doesn't develop
  16. Cherry's feelings
  17. Worry of cherry
  18. Happy rainy day
  19. Amefuri (あめふり)
  20. Usagi to Kame (うさぎとかめ)
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