K-ON! Movie Original Soundtrack
Movie OST cover
By Hajime Hyakkoku
Released December 21, 2011
Recorded 2011
Genre Anime OST
Label Pony Canyon

K-ON! Movie Original Soundtrack (映画けいおん!(えいがけいおん!) の サウンドトラック サウンドトラック(さうんどとらっく)) is the "Original Soundtrack" (OST) of the K-ON! Movie. The album contains 39 instrumental songs and one (Train-D) with vocals, sung by Andrew Mackinlay. The songs are used as background music during the movie. The album was released on 21 December 2011 in Japan by Pony Canyon.

The whole album was composed, arranged and recorded by Hajime Hyakkoku.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Have some tea? (MOVIE Mix)
  2. Hakugin no Asa (白銀の朝(はくぎんのあさ))
  3. Hoshi Imo no Kisetsu (干し芋の季節(ほしいものきせつ))
  4. Konayuki (こなゆき)
  5. Gorioshi no Wake (ごり押しの理由(ごりおしのわけ))
  6. Chadansu no Kahori (茶箪笥のかほり(ちゃだんすのかほり))
  7. Futari no Sekai (MOVIE MIX) (二人の世界(ふたりのせかい)(MOVIE MIX))
  8. Chabashira Unsei Kenkyuu-kai (茶柱運勢研究会(ちゃばしらうんせいけんきゅうかい))
  9. Bossa de Coffee wo (Bossa でコーヒーを(でこーひーを))
  10. Obake no Dousou-kai (お化けの同窓会(おばけのどうそうかい))
  11. Glass no Mukou Gawa (ガラスの向こう側(がらすのむこうがわ))
  12. Shoujiki-mono ga Kangaeta Uso (正直者が考えた嘘(しょうじきものがかんがえたうそ))
  13. Sono Egao ga Suki (その笑顔が好き(そのえがおがすき))
  14. Umi ni Ikou yo! (海に行こうよ(うみにいこうよ)!)
  15. Mizuabi Daisuki Ahiru-chan (水浴び大好きあひるちゃん(みずあびだいすきあひるちゃん))
  16. Chichuukai Gakudan (地中海楽団(ちちゅうかいがくだん))
  17. Spilled tea
  18. Traditional tea
  19. Air of northern countries
  20. London E
  21. Yearning for the Far East
  22. Pleasant despair
  23. Train-D
  24. Watashi no Kimochi (私のきもち(わたしのきもち))
  25. Karintou Danshaku no Isshuukan (かりんとう男爵の一週間(かりんとうだんしゃくのいっしゅうかん))
  26. Fairies' Party
  27. Taikutsu na Jikan (退屈な時間(たいくつなじかん))
  28. Kekkyoku Kyou mo Chikoku Ja Nai Desu ka! (結局今日も遅刻じゃないですか(けっきょくきょうもちこくじゃないですか)!)
  29. Sonna Wake de Taxi de..., (そんな訳でタクシーで…、(そんなわけでタクシーで…、))
  30. Ge Ge! Daijuutai!! (げげっ!大渋滞(げげっ!だいじゅうたい)!!)
  31. Ohisama Kira Kira Sanpomichi (お日様キラキラ散歩道(おひさまきらきらさんぽみち))
  32. Artificial Candy
  33. Gorioshi no Iiwake (ごり押しの言い訳(ごりおしのいいわけ))
  34. Joshi no Shuuchuu Ryoku (女子の集中力(じょしのしゅうちゅうりょく))
  35. Red jacket
  36. Stylish mistake
  37. Winter night in a warm room
  38. Ittou Shou (一等賞(いっとうしょう))
  39. Far distant past
  40. Shiawase no Kakera (しあわせのかけら)

Trivia Edit

  • Track 19, "Air of northern countries", is based on the song "Where the Streets Have No Name", performed and published by the band U2 within their album The Joshua Tree.
  • Track 20, "London E", is based on the song "Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is", performed and published by the band Oasis within their album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.
  • Due to the soundtrack being for one single movie as opposed to covering an entire season of episodes, the tracks on the Movie OST play in the order they appear in the movie, with a few small differences, noted below.
    • Track 17, "Spilled tea", does not play at all in the movie, but given it's location in the tracklist it was intended to play in one of the two scenes Azusa imagines while on their flight. This makes it the only track on any of the soundtrack albums to not appear in the show.
    • Tracks 28, 29, and 30, "Kekkyoku Kyou mo Chikoku Ja Nai Desu ka!", "Sonna Wake de Taxi de...,", and "Ge Ge! Daijuutai!!" all play effectively at once as one long track in the scene where Yui and Azusa follow each other though their two rooms in the hotel. Track 28 is cut into three parts and plays when Azusa is on screen, Track 29 is in two parts and plays when Yui is on screen, and Track 30 plays when they end up in the same room together, going 28, 29, 28, 29, 28, 30.
    • Track 2, "Hakugin no Asa", plays again as the last track in the movie, effectively book-ending the movie and making it the only track to appear twice.
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