Current EventsEdit

Priority Edit

  • Work on integrating K-ON! Shuffle into the rest of the wiki
  • Find pages and infoboxes about the manga that need Shuffle
  • Write up something nicer for the front page

General Edit

  • Wiki Completion, General Housekeeping, and Revisions
  • Clean up various pages - proofread, revise, check translations.

Wiki Technical Edit

  • Looking for anyone who knows how to edit or make infoboxes contact the admin if you think you can!

Research Edit

Anime Edit

Music Edit

  • Merge song pages (alternative versions)
  • Check translations

Manga Edit

  • Create pages for each chapter
  • Write detailed summaries
  • Revise summaries
  • Add images to K-ON! Volume 4 and onwards

Characters Edit

  • Proofreading and revision
  • More work on the relationships and history pages
  • Other images from both the manga and anime
  • History pages also need to be updated

Galleries & Images Edit

  • Categorize and organize images (and galleries)
  • Organize galleries in chronological order

Starting EventEdit

Main Goal: More Members

  • List site on Google Done
  • Make 10 pages Done
  • Have at least 5 normal members join Done
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