Kaede Shimizu
Kaede Shimizu
First Appearance
Manga Debut K-ON! Shuffle, Chapter 1
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Instrument Bass
Gender Female

Kaede Shimizu is one of the main characters of the K-ON! Shuffle manga.


Best friends with Yukari Sakuma, the two have sat near each other through all of junior high. Kaede is a successful student, but Yukari has helped her with both her studies and waking her up every morning.

After she and Yukari attend the Sakuragaoka High School festival and hear its Light Music Club perform, the two decide to join their school's Light Music Appreciation Society. Kaede picks the bass as she not only appreciates its deep sound, but a certain incident involving Sakuragaoka's bassist at the concert further sways her decision.