Kana Yoshii
Kana Yoshii
First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 3
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Also Known As President Yoshii
Prez Yoshii
Musical Profile
Role Guitarist
Gender Female
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown

Kana Yoshii (吉井(よしい) 香奈(かな)) is the president of the Japan Women's University's Light Music Club.

Appearance Edit

Yoshii has short blond hair in form of a Hime cut and is usually seen with a bright, warm smile on her face. Her eyes are brown in colour. Although she normally wears casual clothes, she sometimes wears her old school uniforms in secret.

Personality Edit

She knows much, being the president of the light music club which is of around 10 bands, but likes to keep them to herself. Kana is somewhat creative, thinking of ideas for light music club's activities, while maintaining the club's fund. At certain times, she can be quite scary too. Her personality seems to reflect off of Sawako Yamanaka, the Light Music Club supervisor at Sakura High. She was proven to have a school uniform obsession, and secretly wears it in their clubroom, altogether with Chiyo Hirose. Chiyo states that she was happy to play together with Kana in their band, and hoping that one day, Kana will forget her obsession to school uniform. She is conscious about her look and prefers to go to spas to "preserve her youth" whenever there is a chance.

Trivia Edit

  • Kana's guitar is only ever seen once, and only its headstock is visible. All that's known is that it's a Fender model.


  • "Oh, I forgot to mention this, but club fees are 10,000 yen each for the semester. That's 20,000 for the school year, okay? O-k-a-y-?"
  • "This calls for a contest! Square off against OnNaGumi, and if you win, you'll see the answer! So how about it? A contest between OnNaGumi and Ho-kago Tea Time at this year's school festival! We can turn it into our event!"
  • "She's got a point! Once flowers bloom, the end is near! There will come a time when you want to dress fashionably, and it'll be too late!! Now's your only chance!"
  • "Arrgh! I'm gonna suck out you're youth!"
  • "I mean, if you were to tell anyone about what you saw tonight, I'd hate to have to recite your lyrics aloud to everyone."

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