First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 14: Live House!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese Chie Nakamura
English Carolyn Keranen
German Sabine Mazay
Also Known As Kawakami-san
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Orange

Kawakami (川上(かわかみ)) (surname) is a former member of the Light Music Club of Sakuragaoka High School and the manager of the live house where the Light Music Club were invited to perform.[1] During the performance, she is reunited with Sawako Yamanaka, much to the surprise and joy of both of them.

In Teacher!, she attends the wedding of another former Light Music Club member, Mihoko. She cheers Sawako on, after the latter finally decided to join her old band Death Devil to play for Mihoko and her husband.

In Visit!, she visits Sawako at home with Norimi Kawaguchi, Mihoko and Della after she heard Sawako became ill.

In the movie, she called Ritsu Tainaka after she heard from Love Crysis' drummer Maki that Ho-Kago Tea Time is also in London, asking them to play at a Japanese culture festival.

Appearance Edit

She has shoulder-length brown hair and usually wears casual clothing. At Mihoko's and Keisuke's wedding, she wore a purple dress.

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