"Light Music Club's Uninhabited Island Series"
Uraon! ~Keionbu no Mujintou Shirīzu~
Season 1
Episode Special
Japanese air date November 18, 2009

Inner Music! ~Light Music Club's Uninhabited Island Series~ (うらおん!〜けいおんぶの無人島シリーズ〜), also known as Light Music Club's Uninhabited Island Series (けいおんぶの無人島シリーズ), is an Ura-On! episode published within the fifth K-ON! Anime Volume.


The five girls are stranded on an uninhabited island and try to fight threats like hunger and thirst.


Number 1: Wild

(その1 ワイルド Sono 1: Wairudo)
Wild mugi

Mugi providing drinks

The five got stranded on a small uninhabited island. Mio Akiyama becomes thirsty, leading Tsumugi Kotobuki to take action. She bends a tree with brute strength, picks up the fruits and splits them in halves bare-handed for the others to drink out of them. Azusa Nakano thinks about Mugi being surprisingly wild.

Number 2: Yui's Sound

(その2 ゆいのおと Sono 2: Yui no Oto)
Yui killed a fish

Yui caught a fish

The day gets to it's dusk. Azusa Nakano becomes hungry after some time, leading Yui Hirasawa to take action. She grabs her guitar and plays an annoying sound, killing a fish swimming in the water. The others are surprised and celebrate that Yui's guitar was of help, with the exception of Azusa, who criticizes that Yui is misusing it.

Number 3: Summer Night's…

(その3 夏の夜の・・・ Sono 3: Natsu no Yoru no…)
Ritsu's prank

Ritsu making fun of Azusa

It's night. Azusa Nakano bemoans the fact that she has to spend another night in the wildness. Suddenly, Ritsu Tainaka calls for Azusa to show her the feet of the three other band members raised up, pointing to the sky. Azusa mistakes them to be victims of a serial killer, but Ritsu suddenly asks Azusa which legs belong to who, making it clear it was just a joke. Azusa bites Ritsu for making weird quizzes and thinks to herself that she wants to get away from the island as quickly as possible.

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