For the version of this song with vocals, see Lovely Sister LOVE.
Lovely Sister LOVE (Instrumental)
K-ON! CISS Volume 6 Ui
English Name Lovely Sister LOVE
Album K-ON! Character Image Song Series Vol. 6: Ui Hirasawa
Performed By Ui Hirasawa
Release October 21, 2009
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Oui! Ai Kotoba
Next Oui! Ai Kotoba (Instrumental)

Lovely Sister LOVE (Instrumental) is the instrumental version of Ui Hirasawa's song "Lovely Sister LOVE", produced by Pony Canyon and published on 21 October 2009 within Ui's Character Image Song volume.

The song was written by Shouko Ohmori, composed by Shinji Tamura and arranged by Shigeo Komori.

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