"MC Grand Prix"
MC Grand Prix
MC Guran Puri
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date November 1, 2010

MC Grand Prix (うらおん!MCグランプリ MC Guran Puri), is an Ura-On!! special 4 minutes and 6 seconds long.


The girls have a contest to see who is the best MC.



K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 5 - MC Grand Prix

K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 5 - MC Grand Prix

Number 1: Idea

Ritsu thinks that for their next live performance, they should have a MC to entertain the guests. They then begin a contest to find the best MC, the one that gets the most laugh from the audience will be chosen as the MC. First try, Azusa. Failed to make a comedy.

Number 2: After That?

The second turn is Tsumugi who brings her teacup to the stage. Instead of being funny and entertaining, Mugi unexpectedly turns into a cruel MC who tells the guest that they are not welcome there (and spitting her tea out) which surprised everyone and the judges.

Number 3: All Out

Next is Mio. She opened her clothes and revelead a tight pink dress and begins dancing and spelling out the light music club.

Number 4: The Hero that Arrives Late

Next is Yui. She first introduced herself to the audience and her first thought about the word 'MC'. While explaining, the crowd finds her explanation or perhaps joke to be funny and entertaining. Yui is revealed to be the winner of the MC Grand Prix!


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