Maho Sawabe
First Appearance
Manga Debut K-ON! Shuffle, Chapter 1
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Also Known As Maho-chan
Musical Profile
Role Guitarist
Instrument Striped purple PRS SE Custom 24
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown

Maho Sawabe (澤部(さわべ) 真帆(まほ)) is one of the main characters of the K-ON! Shuffle manga.


Maho is together with her old schoolfriend Karin Shimada a member of the Basketball Club. Knowledgeable about the sport, she serves in a similar role to a coach when she's not playing.

She is classmates with Yukari Sakuma and Kaede Shimizu, sitting between the two childhood friends. Due to her proximity to them and acknowledging their presence, she is dragged into joining the Light Music Appreciation Society with them, where she is assigned the guitar.

Maho often struggles with her confidence as she has a tendency to overthink situations. As the guitar is the main focus of the band, she expresses doubt about potentially holding the band back before agreeing to stay in the society.



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