First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 10: Teacher!
Other Appearances
Japanese Kotomi Yamakawa
German Nadine Heidenreich
Gender Female
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Light Brown

Mihoko (ミホコ(みほこ)) is a former member of the Light Music Club of Sakuragaoka High School. In Teacher!, Keisuke and her are planning to get married and want Death Devil to perform at the wedding as she is an old friend of Sawako Yamanaka and the rest of the band. She was elated when Sawako finally decided to play for her.

In Visit!, she visits Sawako at home with Norimi Kawaguchi, Kawakami and Della after she heard Sawako became ill.

Appearance Edit

She has long, brown hair and light brown eyes. In Teacher!, she wears a white wedding dress with jewelry and a white flower attached to her hair.

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