"Mio's Underpants"
Uraon! ~Mio no Opantsu~
Season 1
Episode Special
Japanese air date September 16, 2009

Inner Music! ~Mio's Underpants~ (うらおん!〜みおのおパンツ〜), also known as Mio's Underpants (みおのおパンツ), is an Ura-On! episode published within the third K-ON! Anime Volume.


The episode pokes fun at Mio Akiyama's panties, which became a topic of conversation since the school's festival, where they were exposed to the whole audience because Mio tripped at the end of their performance.


Number 1: Sketch Stripe Show

(その1 スケッチしまショー Sono 1: Sukecchi Shima Shō)
Mugi, yui and ritsu drawing

Ritsu, Yui and Mugi drawing Mio's panties

Yui, Tsumugi, and Ritsu attempt to sketch out of their memories. At first a raccoon, then Yui's sister, Ui. Thirdly, they draw the panties Mio wore during the school festival. Mio shouts they got it all wrong.

Number 2: Presents

(その2 プレゼント Sono 2: Purezento)
Yui, mugi and ritsu opening presents

Ritsu, Yui and Mugi opening Mio's presents

Mio receives many presents from her fan club. Yui, Tsumugi, and Ritsu open them. They all turn out to contain panties, much to Mio's shock.

Number 3: Fan Club

(その3 ファンクラブ Sono 3: Fan Kurabu)
Ritsu with the fan club card

Ritsu with the fan club card

Ritsu shows the others a membership card for Mio's own fan club. The card shows a picture of Mio's panties. Because of that, Mio hits her and accuses her of creating the card herself.

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